Little Fish - Big Fish

(Kis halak… Nagy halak)

(documentary, 2008, colour, 28 min)
Directed by  Lívia Gyarmathy
Script:    Kai Salminen, Lívia Gyarmathy
D.o.p.:     Árpád Reitmeyer, Péter Vékás
editor:  Beáta Eszlári
music:     Ferenc Darvas
production manager: Csilla Thuróczy
producer:    Zsuzsa Böszörményi

This film views the international issue of poaching though a local lens. While gangs of organized poachers harvest wholesale quantities of fish from the river, local fishing wardens target individual poachers, with varied success. The wardens ”catch of the day” is a lonely pensioner János, who lives on 18 euros a month and depends on his daily catch to supplement his diet

Festival selections:

2008 Salerno Int. Filmfestival
2008 Marosvásárhely AlterNative
2009 Bergamo Film Meeting
2009 Krakow Film Festival